DJ Insomnia, Cancun 2018

47 Minutes of DJ Insomnia…Live!

February 2016 Live Facebook Jam Session

The Witchdoktor Scratch 2015!

DJ Insomnia Rocking a Long Island Wedding with a Live Video Jockey!

DJ Insomnia Hosting and Managing Grand Introductions in Jersey City, NJ

DJ Insomnia and Dholi Amit Rocking Out in St.Louis! – June 2013

DJ Insomnia speaking at Rutgers University on April 7th, 2013

DJ Insomnia with a late night scratching session!

DJ Insomnia’s Tribute to Kris from Kris Kross

DJ Insomnia throwing down some turntable skills!

DJ Insomnia & MC Guru rocking a Indian/Latino Wedding in 2012!

My interview with star of USA Network’s big hit Royal Pains’ Reshma Shetty

Warming up my wrist in Los Cabos Mexico before a beach party!

DJ Insomnia & MC Guru rocking out a Wedding in NJ on July 3rd 2011!

Watch what I do best….at a Wedding…

Over 16,000 views and growing strong…One of my most famous videos ever recorded.

30 Second teaser clip from an engagement party I DJeyd in April 2011

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