Ladies and Gentlemen, at your reception….MORE THAN 4 SPEECHES IS A BAD IDEA! Please refrain from having more than max, maybe 5 speeches. Trust me, people LOVE to talk and it eats out of your dance floor time. Throw in a father/daughter dance if you have to but cut down on your speeches. I’ve been seeing this mistake happen over and over again despite informing clients about this! I’ve done too many Weddings where dancing ends up being an hour and 30 minutes. That’s lame, especially for the amount of money you spend on a DJ. LET PEOPLE ENJOY THEMSELVES! Let your DJ’s talents shine! =)

Also, it doesn’t hurt to keep each speech to 3-5 minutes maximum. Having 4 speeches, at 10 minutes long is 40 minutes out of your program! That’s not including the time it takes for your MC to introduce the next person, for that person to walk up to the mic; settle in, and then begin their speech followed by them walking off the dancefloor. You’re looking at easily an hour for 4 speeches at 10 minutes a piece. Do the math when deciding who is speaking and think realistically who’s going to speak for too long.

Oh yeah, and NO PERFORMANCES! Nobody wants to come to a Wedding Reception to watch your cousins and friends perform dances to songs they hear at every other Wedding. Your guests come to do 3 things and 3 things only. Drink, Dance, and Eat! (yes in order of priority)

If you haven’t seen my interview with Royal Pains star Reshma Shetty, watch it! I point out some good tips that’ll truly help your wedding experience.

Goodluck with your wedding planning!
-DJ Insomnia

Over the last few years, my events went from being booked a few months in advance to anywhere from 7 months to 14 months in advance. Since we just began the 2011 Wedding season, we’ve had back to back successful events since the first week of March and thus have begun receiving phone calls for NEXT YEAR! Don’t miss out on an opportunity to have yours truly rock out at your upcoming Wedding.

Please contact my manager Darshan Kapadia for your upcoming events.
Darshan Kapadia (Manager)
Phone: +1-908-448-1418 (USA)
Phone: +91 9820343277 (India)

We do it all!
DJs – MCs
Dholis – Dancers
Live Singers – Bands

High Power Sound Systems for everything from Weddings to Live Concerts
LED Up-Lighting
DMX Intelligent Lighting systems
Wireless LED & Intelligent Lighting packages
South Beach Bar and Lounge Decor
Red Carpet, Velvet Rope, Pipe & Drape
Premium Plasma TV Displays for zapshots, video montages, and more!

Entertainment services for any occasion including Weddings, Sweet 16s, Engagements, Birthdays, Anniversaries, Baby Showers, Corporate Events, Holiday Celebrations, Fashion Shows, Nightclub Events or just a party!

We travel all over the world. We’ve performed at some of the most elegant venues in places such as Aruba, San Juan-Puerto Rico, Grand Cayman Islands, Los Cabos-Mexico, Island of St. Maarten, London-England, and all over the United States.

Contact Premier Entertainment for your upcoming event! I guarantee 110% that your feet will hurt by the end of the night! From dancing so much of course!

-DJ Insomnia

Come to Newark for another Wild Wednesday at Killkenys.
27 Central Avenue
Newark, NJ

21+, ID Required – Drink Specials are also all night long

Premier Entertainment’s very own DJ INSOMNIA makes another comeback to KILLKENYS





Hope to see everyone there!!

I had an opportunity to meet the legend himself, Ice-T. He spoke during a seminar hosted at Kean University in Union, NJ. He discussed topics about his life in the hood, fighting through a struggle to become the success icon that he is today. If you hear about him speaking near you, I highly recommend checking it out. He’s an amazing and entertaining speaker with some positive words of advice to provide to the masses!

So I’ve been approached by many people this past year about learning how to DJ. In order to learn how to do some of the tricky stuff I do, you need to have a proper foundation. I’ve thought it over and I’m going to present the opportunity to those who are interested to learn some DJ fundamentals this summer. Of course I myself am still constantly learning new tricks so I won’t be showing you anything that I wouldn’t be able to pull off without perfection.

If you’re interested, do comment below and let me know your thoughts on the idea and if you’d be interested. If you’re feeling shy, feel free to email me at

A proper pricing outline will be constructed if I see enough interest for summer classes.

All e-mails will be kept confidential.

-DJ Insomnia