For the first time ever in New York City, a garba event is being hosted on October 15th 2011!

I’ve struck a promotion deal with Garba in the City and for every ticket sold, a portion of the ticket will be donated to the National Breast Cancer Foundation ( to help raise awareness for breast cancer in honor for of course, BREAST CANCER AWARENESS MONTH (YES, October is breast cancer awareness month if you haven’t noticed!)

A donation to the National Breast Cancer Foundation helps provide free mammograms for women in need to promote early breast cancer detection. The donations received from individuals, corporate sponsorships, and breast cancer fundraising activities help fund educational programs that provide answers to breast cancer patients, survivors, and any family member whose life is touched by breast disease.

Here’s how to get involved:
1: Visit
2: Prior to checkout, You will find a box entitled “ORGANIZATION”
3: Type in the word “INSOMNIA” into the field, click “ADD TO CART”
4: Put in your billing information and check out. Keep in mind, groups of 20 or more receive special discount rates!

-DJ Insomnia

I’m all for upcoming South Asian talent. Sam Hasan who was featured on the recent parody of “Give Me Everything Tonight” by Pitbull entitled “Give Me Kati Rol Tonight“, recently recorded a cover of David Guetta & Usher’s new hit single, “Without You.”

To be honest, I like this better than the original song. Adds a sensual, warm sound to the lyrics…

Kudos Sam! Look forward to seeing more from you…

To anyone looking for my mixtape. I wasn’t happy with the outcome. I’m re-recording it tomorrow and I PROMISE it’ll be up tomorrow night. Perfectionism is a blessing and a curse at the same time. It’ll be worth the wait!

In the meantime, my crew Premier Entertainment is hosting a contest!! Read below!

All you have to do is LIKE our page and tell us what 4 teams you think will be in this year’s conference championship games, the 2 teams who you think will make the Super Bowl, who you think will win and what you think the final score will be. The person who comes closest will win a pair of tickets to a Jets or Giants game next season (field level seats). If you aren’t in the tri-state area and you win, we will work something out for you. All responses must be made before the start of the Saints/Packers game this Thursday!

If you’re in the D.C. area on September 23rd, come join me as I rock out with DJ Intense & DJ Catalyst as we perform a special routine and speak on the history of South Asian DJs: their origin, present status, and what we believe to be the future of South Asian DJs.

Here is the official Press release from Subcontinental Drift’s event page:

Hip Hop and the South Asian Diaspora have lead a very intriguing life together. From east to west, desis have taken solace in the underground creative outlets of hip hop culture. Now, here in DC, a growing arts collective has set it’s sights on showcasing these immense skillz for one amazing night.

This September, Subcontinental Drift hopes to put up an event highlighting South Asians in all 4 elements of hip hop. There will be true DJs (that, yes, scratch!) in the form of DJ Insomnia out of NYC and his crew. We have emcees that will rock your brain like Navi, Raja Wilco, and Ko the Timeless. There is going to be a graffiti artist that will be creating live art as the night moves on. And of course, there will be some ill breakdancers, battling for the crowd’s respect.

Subcontinental Drift is an organization that started a few years back in Washington, DC. It was started with the hope of creating an open, inclusive community for creative South Asians and the broader Washington community. There are monthly open mics held at various locations through out the city and every year we try to do one big event. There is no profit generated from any of the events, so we need all the help we can get to put on this amazing event 🙂 The money generated from this Kickstarter will help pay for the many artists performing, and the venue. Extra money generated will be added to the budget for next year’s big event.

Help donate for the event and please do join us as we celebrate South Asians in Hip-Hop!

-DJ Insomnia

Want to be involved in a video shoot for a music video that will blow up very soon? Join me and The Brown Boys for their first parady music video shoot for their song entitled “Give Me Kati Roll Tonight”, a spinoff of Pitbull’s “Give Me Everything Tonight”.

Details below…I will be the DJ in the club scene and Afterparty, look out for me! =)

Press Release from “The Brown Boys”:

Brown Boys (aka The Brown Lonely Island) including Sam Hasan and The Urban Nerd will be shooting their first parody music video shoot this weekend.

Production and Camera crew is sponsored by Ladonic Productions.
Hair & Makeup: Chanel (Arzoo Hussain)

Free Food and Drinks will be provided on both shooting dates (Friday and Saturday)

Director: Zeshan Bhatti
Brown Boys: The Urban Nerd (Raj), Sam Hasan, CG (Atif), Omar Mirza, K$ (Khurram)

Celebrity Cameos: Aziz Ansari (?), DJ Insomnia, Ami Sheth (?), – dunno, we approached a lot of people…lol

Friday: Club Scene – TBA. Will be shooting from 7 PM – 10 PM. Please arrive by 6:30 PM if you want to be in the scene. Dress trendy and club attire.

After shooting is done, the venue will become the official Afterparty for Friday.

Saturday: Kati Roll Scene. W. 39th Street & 6th Avenue at the Kati Roll Company. 6 PM – 10 PM. Food will be provided by Kati Roll. The scene is a rowdy line, and tables being occupied by people.

Afterparty will be at Publick House with Open Bar. It’s also Juhi Desai’s birthday party.

We need 200 people for the Club Scene – so invite everyone and everyone. You will be part of a music video that will be aired everywhere!

We are still casting and auditioning lead female roles – please send me an email if you’re interested in the role. Email