Mixology has been remastered!

Check out the remastered version of Mixology from 2004. The first 5 tracks on the original album were at a low volume and the last few peaked so much that it was almost distorted. Now everything is at the same volume!

Throw a little nostalgia into your day and download the updated version of my 2004 golden oldie! Jeez, almost 10 years old!!!

Click here to download the entire CD for Free!
*NOTE – DJ Insomnia has re-mastered the audio for a better sounding 2012 version!*

01. Intro
02. Mahi Ve – (NYC Style Remix)
03. Sajna Ve Sajna – (Love Hip Hop Mix by DJ Niral)
04. Dil Dooba – (Reggae Throwback)
05. Agony – (Sumeet ft. Elephant Man)
06. Come On- (Move Ya Body Body) – (Joselyn John)
07. Usher ft. Lil John & Ludacris – (DJ Intense Reggae Edit)
08. 112 ft. Supercat – (DJ Insomnia Diwali Groove)
09. Bole Chudiyan – (The Remix That Started It All)
10. Ole Ole – (Ol Skool House Remix)
11. Saat Sumandar – (NY Liberty Remix)
12. Its Time To Disco – (Insomnia Hard House Remix)
13. One Night – (Rishi Rich ft. Jay Sean)
14. B2k – Bump Bump – (DJ Intense Reggae Remix)

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