New Mashup by DJ Insomnia!


It’s been almost two months since I released my last mashup of Main Khiladi Tu Anari. This time around, I decided to mashup a more recent song which I feel is going to blow up amongst the Wedding/Private party scene in the coming month or so.
The song of choice? Second Hand Jawani from the movie Cocktail!  What did I mash it up with? Greg Salto’s Azumba! Azumba is rocked by DJs like Steve Angello, Laidback Luke, and Erick Morillo! The original version of S.H.J is awesome but I felt it didn’t have that kick that it should have. Both keys matched up on this badboy and I felt the drumroll of Azumba worked with the melody of the S.H.J
DJs, rock this in your sets and let me know how it works! Party people, put your hands up and enjoy!

-DJ Insomnia

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