1 year ago….

Wow…it was exactly 1 year ago that I was interviewed by the beautiful Reshma Shetty for USA Network/NBC at NYC’s Gotham Hall. Since then, I’ve traveled the world, met some beautiful people, started new friendships and achieved the most success in my career yet. I need to thank each and every one of you who took part in one of the most amazing year of my life. 2012 is looking like a round 2 for myself and the rest of my Premier Entertainment family. Big shout out to all the couples that hired me to rock out with them at their receptions. And to all the couples getting hitched in 2012, I can’t wait to flip your reception upside and turn that bad boy into the craziest nightclub.

A big big thanks to all the families of our crew who put up with us walking in at 5-6am (forgive us for missing family events!) And last but without a doubt not the least. Shout out to my entire crew for holding me down and putting 1000% into each and every event. Premier is a team effort and I’m proud to say I have the most talented, hardworking and humble team this industry will ever see.


Here’s a few videos to summarize what we did this year. Enjoy and Happy Holidays!





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