Want to be in an epic music video?

Want to be involved in a video shoot for a music video that will blow up very soon? Join me and The Brown Boys for their first parady music video shoot for their song entitled “Give Me Kati Roll Tonight”, a spinoff of Pitbull’s “Give Me Everything Tonight”.

Details below…I will be the DJ in the club scene and Afterparty, look out for me! =)

Press Release from “The Brown Boys”:

Brown Boys (aka The Brown Lonely Island) including Sam Hasan and The Urban Nerd will be shooting their first parody music video shoot this weekend.

Production and Camera crew is sponsored by Ladonic Productions.
Hair & Makeup: Chanel (Arzoo Hussain)

Free Food and Drinks will be provided on both shooting dates (Friday and Saturday)

Director: Zeshan Bhatti
Brown Boys: The Urban Nerd (Raj), Sam Hasan, CG (Atif), Omar Mirza, K$ (Khurram)

Celebrity Cameos: Aziz Ansari (?), DJ Insomnia, Ami Sheth (?), – dunno, we approached a lot of people…lol

Friday: Club Scene – TBA. Will be shooting from 7 PM – 10 PM. Please arrive by 6:30 PM if you want to be in the scene. Dress trendy and club attire.

After shooting is done, the venue will become the official Afterparty for Friday.

Saturday: Kati Roll Scene. W. 39th Street & 6th Avenue at the Kati Roll Company. 6 PM – 10 PM. Food will be provided by Kati Roll. The scene is a rowdy line, and tables being occupied by people.

Afterparty will be at Publick House with Open Bar. It’s also Juhi Desai’s birthday party.

We need 200 people for the Club Scene – so invite everyone and everyone. You will be part of a music video that will be aired everywhere!

We are still casting and auditioning lead female roles – please send me an email if you’re interested in the role. Email raj@theurbannerd.com

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